January 20th - Vinnie Lecture      May 18th - Close-up competition    Sept 15th - Stage Competition  

February 17th - Lecture               June15th - Linking Ring Night         Oct 19th - Weird Magic

March 17th - Everyday carry       July 20th - Mini Lectures                  Nov 16th- Lecture

April 20th - Lecture                      August 17th - Auditions                    Dec 21st - Holiday Magic

2023 Meeting Schedule

Nov 18th

Dec 16th

Jan 21st

Feb 18th

March 18th

April  15th

May 20th

June 17th

Aug  19th

July 15th

HUBB Lecture

Sept 16th

Oct 21st

Holiday Meeting!

Show & Tell

Classics of Magic

Robert Baxt Lecture

Tom Ogden Lecture

Close-up competition

Stage Competition

Weird Magic & Mentalism

We meet the third Saturday of each month at. 7 pm

Members perform an effect and then explain how the effect was done.

Members choose and  perform one of the magic effects that are historically classic in the magic world..

Join us to watch our members compete in under your nose close up magic effects.  You can even vote for your favorite.

Join us to watch our members compete in performing on stage magic effects.  You can even vote for your favorite.

Join us to watch our members performing unusal magic and mentalism effects.

Bring a wrapped magical gift worth about $15.  Bring a desert to share and an effect to show!

Mark Cannon Lecture

Mark Cannon, will lecture on his book dealing with Abraham Lincoln's escape artist and perfrom his Magic Castle Escape set as well.

Belle Daily Lecture

Join highly successful kid's perfomer and Magic Castle magician Belle Daily who will show us her secrets.

Member's Favorite Effect Night

Our members will perfrom their favorite effect without exposing any secrets at this open meeting.

Come watch bar magician HUBB as he teaches us the details of extreme close up magical entertainment.