About us & what we do

Who are our members?

What happens at meetings?

What can we do for you?

1. Professional Magicians

People who earn a living by doing magic.

2. Semi-Professional Magicians

People who have a day job, but earn extra  money performing magic shows.

3. Amateur Magicians

People who do some shows, but not professionally.

4. Hobbyists

People who do magic for fun as a hobby

5. Enthusiasts

People who just love magic

1. Lectures

Four times a year we will bring in guest speakers who will teach us magic in their own unique style.

2. Demonstrations

Members will show an effect they have learned and teach us how to do it.

3. Shows

Several times a year we will perform specifically for the public.

4. Competitions

Twice a year our members compete for trophies in magic competitions.

​1. Teach you some magic

Obviously, magic is why you are here.

2. Help with stage presence

Knowing how to do a trick, and presenting it are two different things.

3. Help build confidence

Getting up to perform is an amazing way to get more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

4. Make new friends

Some of us are very nice people.

5, Build your magic support system

Your new friends can help guide you in your magical career